Glassman Wealth Services

Can a company be amazing, growing, respected, and fun? This one is! And The Washington Business Journal just named us THE #1 best place to work in the Washington DC area.

We are Glassman Wealth Services, a Tysons Corner, Virginia-based wealth management firm, and we are seeking an Operations Associate who is passionate about doing ‘the work’ and thrives as part of a cohesive team. Ideally, you’ve held a similar position that helps you appreciate the nuances of client service and support.

As a successful candidate, you will thrive in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment that is mission-driven, people-focused, and community-oriented. You will be honest, approachable, reliable, and motivated with a service-oriented attitude. You will balance multiple priorities in a variety of ever-changing situations. We rely on you to be an integral part of the operations infrastructure that supports our advisors and our clients.

Bottom line: we share a vision for enriching the lives of our clients, and you do too. You want to carefully orchestrate the client and team experiences – Every. Single. Day. You are trustworthy and understand the sensitive nature of the work, and appreciate the highly interpersonal relationship of this position. You should want to have fun in the job while taking it seriously and being amazing at it.

The nitty gritty details of your responsibilities and what will make you successful are spelled out below. We encourage you to read them carefully before applying. If, when you’ve reviewed and re-reviewed the specifics, it sounds like we are talking about you, then don’t wait – we’d like to hear from you! But please, no phone calls; we’re serious about that.

And consider this: we are an equal opportunity employer, and we promise to pay you a competitive salary commensurate with experience in addition to all sorts of other outstanding benefits. We value our employees, and we’re not afraid to show it. (Really, it’s true – take a look at our Awesome Benefits).

In this role you will:

  • Administer basic advisory operations tasks, including money movement and client paperwork.
  • Process data entry updates and check filing.
  • Provide ad hoc support for more complex projects like reporting, billing, and compliance.
  • Be stellar at tracking the details and specifics of tasked to-do items.
  • Have an intense curiosity and be willing to dive into unchartered territory to solve problems.

Our expectations of you:

  • The integrity you bring to the role is next level.
  • You must have strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships.
  • You are organized and have a keen eye and attention to the details; you also like to investigate the specifics.
  • You are reliable, steady, and consistent; these qualities come so naturally to you, you hardly know you’re doing them.
  • The know-how to handle confidential information sensitively, manage competing demands and expectations, and demonstrate the highest level of client service; it is ingrained in you.
  • You respect deadlines, details, and ever-changing priorities; you have a “get it done and get it done right” mentality.
  • You begin your cover letter by telling us one goal you’ve set for yourself this year.
  • You are a highly resourceful and collaborative team player while also effectively working independently; you also know your capacity and are willing to expressly communicate constraints.
  • You are flexible and open to change. We mean it; this is a must.
  • By joining our team, you will enhance the Glassman Wealth brand and culture as a Best Place to Work.

Your Education and Experience

  • Bachelor's degree preferred but not required.
  • At least two to three years of strong and relevant work experience, preferably in similar positions and environments.
  • A willingness to immerse yourself in our industry and learn the nuances of finance and operations.
  • An understanding of ACATs or an upfront acknowledgment that you don’t know anything at all about it, but will be willing to figure it out.